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Disabled Refuge
A Disabled Refuge may be defined as a location or safe place where persons who cannot easily use fire escapes and lifts can call for help and remain until assistance arrives.

Door Magnets
Fire doors are essential for containing fire, heat and smoke in the event of an outbreak. At Guardian Fire & Safety, we understand the need to hold fire doors open, whether for ease of access throughout the building, improved ventilation or to reduce the wear and tear on expensive fire doors. The age old practice of wedging fire doors open presents huge risks and prohibits these doors from performing their primary purpose of protecting life and offering protection to the rest of the building.

Fire Safety Signage
Fire Safety signage should be prominently installed in key locations to provide clear instructions to all staff, customers and visitors in the event of fire or evacuation.

Vibrating Pillow

A vibrating pillow fire alarm is a wire free, battery powered bedside alarm that acts in addition to a sounder/strobe to alert people to evacuate a building when the fire alarm is activated. Specially designed for the hearing impaired

Voice Evacuation System
A public address (PA) or voice evacuation system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public and provides fast effective communication in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Gas Detection System
Boiler/plant rooms are no longer only associated with industrial premises. They are commonplace in all modern commercial settings including hotels, leisure centres, nursing homes, schools, office and retail premises. Where such facilities exist, an undetected gas leak could present an explosive hazard resulting in structural damage or loss of life

Air Sampling Systems
An Air Sampling panel is a high sensitivity detection system, which operates by drawing the air from the protected area into the panel and through a laser or LED chamber, which detects the smoke in the air. The system has inherent immunity to dust/dirt build-up, high signal to noise level and resistance to problems caused by vibration and high humidity

Automatic Opening Vent System
AOV is simply an abbreviation for Automatic Opening Vent. An AOV system is a control system designed to vent air or smoke for use in natural & smoke ventilation.

Nurse call systems
Nurse call systems are an integral part of patient treatment and care. The systems alert nursing regarding patient needs and emergent situation. A signal alerts staff at the nurses station, and usually, a nurse or nurse assistant responds to such a call.

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