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Access Control Systems
Access Control systems provide security by limiting access to certain parts of your business. This is done by limiting who enters through a door, turnstile, gate, barrier, etc. A company installing access control in a business must be PSA licensed, this is law in Ireland since 2012. Access control is the most secure management of people as they move within a building or site. Access control systems limit only the right people who can enter approved areas at the right times of the day or night.

Disabled Refuge
A Disabled Refuge may be defined as a location or safe place where persons who cannot easily use fire escapes and lifts can call for help and remain until assistance arrives.

Nurse Call Systems
Nurse call systems are an integral part of patient treatment and care. The systems alert nursing regarding patient needs and emergent situations. A signal alerts staff at the nurse’s station, and usually, a nurse or nurse assistant responds to such a call.

Vibrating Pillow
A vibrating pillow fire alarm is a wire-free, battery-powered bedside alarm that acts in addition to a sounder/strobe to alert people to evacuate a building when the fire alarm is activated. Specially designed for the hearing impaired

Fire Doors & Mechanisms 
Fire doors are essential for containing fire, heat, and smoke in the event of an outbreak. At Advanced Fire Protection, we understand the need to hold fire doors open, whether for ease of access throughout the building, for improved ventilation or to reduce the wear and tear on expensive fire doors. The age-old practice of wedging fire doors open presents huge risks and prohibits these doors from performing their primary purpose of protecting life and offering protection to the rest of the building.

Fire Safety Signage
Fire Safety signage should be prominently installed in key locations to provide clear instructions to all staff, customers, and visitors in the event of fire or evacuation.

Voice Evacuation System
A public address (PA) or voice evacuation system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier, and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public and provide fast effective communication in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Gas Detection System
Boiler/plant rooms are no longer only associated with industrial premises. They are commonplace in all modern commercial settings including hotels, leisure centres, nursing homes, schools, offices, and retail premises. Where such facilities exist, an undetected gas leak could present an explosive hazard resulting in structural damage or loss of life

Air Sampling Systems
An Air Sampling panel is a high sensitivity detection system, which operates by drawing the air from the protected area into the panel and through a laser or LED chamber, which detects the smoke in the air. The system has inherent immunity to dust/dirt build-up, high signal-to-noise level, and resistance to problems caused by vibration and high humidity

Automatic Opening Vent System
AOV is simply an abbreviation for Automatic Opening Vent. An AOV system is a control system designed to vent air or smoke for use in natural & smoke ventilation.

Dry Wet Risers
A dry riser system is designed to be charged with water by the fire brigade. A wet riser system is kept full of water via water tanks and pumps

Fire Hydrant
Fire hydrant installation consists of a system of pipework connected directly to the water supply main to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire. The water is discharged into the fire engine from which it is then pumped and sprayed over the fire.

Ansul / Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
The Ansul Kitchen Suppression System is a pre-engineered, automatic fire suppression system that can tackle large, hazardous fires without human intervention. The Ansul Systems adapt to all kitchen configurations and encompasses all cooking appliances from the simplest one to the most complex. It is recognised worldwide by restaurant owners, insurance companies and local fire inspectors as the most efficient solution to controlling fire hazards in professional kitchens, without endangering guests or staff of the restaurant. It reacts quickly to a fire before it can grow and spread, automatically, with or without staff intervention and 24 hours a day. The system is installed within a canopy to protect all appliances. In case of a fire on any appliance, the Ansul Fire Suppression System will be automatically triggered by an increase in temperature which causes a release of the patented Ansulex fluid to extinguish or contain the fire depending on the scale. A manual pull station is also provided to ensure the safety of staff and the protection of equipment in the event of a fire.

Fire Warden Training
Wardens, or Emergency Officers, play an integral role in the emergency procedures of a business or building. With appropriate training, these individuals are able to assume control of an area and direct occupants and staff to safety

Smoke Barrier Systems
A smoke barrier is a continuous membrane that is designed and constructed to restrict the passage of smoke. They can either be vertical, like a wall or horizontal, like a Fire Curtain.

Water Leak Detection Systems
Water leakage detection systems are installed in vulnerable areas where water leakage would seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks. Water leak detection systems for server rooms and data centres are divided into spot detector, rope detector, and locate sensors. The system can be divided into single zone system and multi zone systems. An undetected water leak in a comms room can lead to expensive equipment repair bills and data downtime.

Intruder Alarm
Intruder alarm systems are systems that detect unauthorised entries into a building or an area. Security systems are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military sites to protect against intrusion and theft, protecting persons and reducing the risk of property damage. We have a wide range of intruder alarm systems to choose from and all our systems can be monitored 24 hours a day with a direct link to emergency services who will respond immediately when notified. Our intruder alarm systems are available in both wired and wire-free and they are designed to fit any budget.

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It uses one or more video cameras to transmit video images and sometimes audio images to a monitor, set of monitors, or video recorder CCTV uses either wireless transmission or wired transmission to send the video footage from the video cameras to the monitor(s) or recording device. Most CCTV systems are used for surveillance which can include security monitoring, spying, or for safety monitoring purposes.

24 Hour Monitoring
With 24 Hour security systems monitored you can reduce your home insurance by up to 10%. Alarm System Monitoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your system is armed, and a zone is breached not only will the system activate all warning devices (e.g. sirens) a signal will be sent to the control station. When a signal is received the control station personnel will then contact your nominated key holders and will also notify the Gardai and other emergency services if needed. All monitored alarms must have at least two key holders who can be contacted in the event of an activation.

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