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Class B – Flammable liquids, e.g. petrol
Class Electrical Risk – Live electrics
Suitable for use on precious electrical equipment and used in contamination-sensitive places such as computer rooms, labs, food storage areas and processing plants. Also suitable in offices, factories or warehouses usually alongside a foam or water unit. The 2kg model is fitted with a Safe Swivel Horn which protects the user’s hands against frost burn. Also improves the efficiency of the fire extinguisher. Refilling/Servicing: Should be carried out annually to BS 5306 Part 3, 2009. After complete or partial use the extinguisher should be refilled to BS 6643 Part 1, 1985. Both refilling and servicing to be carried out by any certified Ever-Tuff Distributor or person deemed competent within the scope of IS 291.



10 Year Guarantee

Fire rating: 55B
Total weight: 5 kg
Height: 640mm
Width (excluding horn/hose): 180mm
Working temperature: -30 to +60°C
Average discharge time: 9 secs
Operating Pressure: 56 bar @ 200°C
Minimum burst pressure: 215 bar
– Accredited to CE and EN3.
– Stored pressure – Easy low cost maintenance.
– Suitable for B Class and electrical fires.
– Controlled discharge.
– Supplied with wall-mounting bracket.
Our Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers come with a 10 year guarantee, are EN3 compliant and carry the CE mark. They are for use on Electrical Equipment Fires (such as photocopiers, computers etc), Class B Fires (flammable liquids such as petrol, paints, solvents etc). All of our CO2 Fire Extinguishers are built to the highest quality and are tested to ensure they meet the requirements of BSI. Buy CO2 Fire Extinguishers for the office, home or an industrial environment. Every Fire Extinguisher comes in a marked box, so they are transported with care and will arrive safely.