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2KG ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher


Suitable for tackling small fires involving:
– Paper, wood & textiles
– Liquids or materials that liquify (eg. petrol, solvents, fats & paints)
– Flammable gases (eg. propane, butane)
– Live electrical equipment (please note powder does leave a residue so notrecommended for precious electrical equipment)

Fire rating: A, B, C & Electrical
Total weight: 3.2kg
Height: 34cm approx
Width 8cm approx
Working temperature: -20 to +60°C
Operating Pressure: 14 bar @ 20°C
Minimum burst pressure: 30 bar
Our Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers come with a 10 year guarantee, a Kitemark certification and CE mark. They are for use on Class A Fires (solid materials such as wood, paper, textiles etc), Class B Fires (flammable liquids such as petrol, paints, solvents etc), Class C Fires (gases such as propane, butane, natural gases etc). All of our Dry Power Fire Extinguishers are built to the highest quality and are tested to ensure they meet the requirements of BSI. Buy Powder Fire Extinguishers for the office, home or an industrial environment. Fire Extinguishers are dispatched with appropriately marked packaging to ensure that extinguishers are handled with care and arrive to you safely.



2KG ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher

Class A – Paper, wood & textiles
Class B – Flammable liquids, e.g. petrol
Class C – Flammable gases, e.g. Propane
Class Electrical Risk – Live electrics
Suitable for most uses for car, van, caravan, home, lorries and boats. Suitable for Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids), C (gas) and safe around live electrical equipment.
2 x Dry Powder 1kg
British Standards Approved