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Getting help to fight your insurer can be the best policy

A loss assessor, who works as your advocate, can be vital when insurers dig in their heels and reject your claim

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Drew and Elizabeth Thomson suffered every homeowner’s worst nightmare two years ago when a fire swept through their house, causing €200,000 worth of damage, and their insurer’s first response was to deny liability.

The couple had rented out their six-bedroom home in Blackrock, Co. Dublin, after Drew, who works in the IT industry, was relocated to Austin, Texas.

The Thomsons found themselves facing questions as their insurer’s legal team “became aggressive as they looked for any opportunity to reject our claim”.

The couple then took on a loss assessor from Loss Assessors Ireland. We work as the policyholder’s advocate, handling all the legal work, and working with other professionals such as surveyors, contracts and solicitors.

“Our loss assessor knew what to look for and understood policy wording, vital in getting the insurer to accept liability,” Drew explains. Once Loss Assessors Ireland had won a payout it appointed contractors to reinstate the property.

As Drew adds: “Everyone signs up to these policies in good faith, but when they claim all that may count for precious little. Without expert help, I don’t know how we would have got through.

Marc Hines of Loss Assessors Ireland says: “We have to deal with families who have been traumatised by fire or the recent floods and then face the burden of making what can be a very complex claim. Having an expert on your side can make a huge difference.”

“Insurance companies have money and expertise at their disposal but if you fight them, you can win,” he says.

If you’re a policy holder and you have to make an insurance claim, a professional loss assessor company like Loss Assessors Ireland  would help you in managing your claim in general, right from beginning to end.

We can help in each step of the way, from preparing the paperwork all the way to more practical factors of the entire process. We will always strives to make sure that you gain the most equity and best settlement.

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